Frequently Asked Questions

Please, you MUST read...

What's the best way to arrange a meeting with you?

I don't mind how you make initial contact, sometimes I just can’t pick up the phone, so text or e-mail is the best way I will answer as soon as I can. Please have in mind a date, time and duration that you wish to meet for before contacting me. Please also familiarise yourself with what it will cost too. I will happily answer any questions, but have any queries ready for when you call, as I am unable to engage in lengthy back and forth calls and texts. I often cannot respond until later in the day due to being in work. I will respond to all genuine sounding inquiries within 24 hours. For same day appointments it is best to text.


If after we have arranged our date you decide to become an incessant pest then I will cancel and block you (I'm talking calling me several times a day and treating me like a penpal then getting arsey when I don't respond in lightning speed time; not the odd innocent question here or there! That's perfectly fine).


I DO NOT answer calls from withheld numbers and landlines. Please be mindful of this when calling from your hotel

What services do you provide?

I’m happy to provide a truly intimate GFE for my clients. Naughty and passionate.

I like social dates with varied activities. I find them much more enjoyable and prioritise them over short encounters (Half the time of all bookings above 4 hours is intended for social activities).

Although sometimes, a quickie is just what you need.

Certain services may be limited if you present with facial hair (this includes stubble) and /or poor oral hygiene. I do not discuss intimate services. If you have a bucket list of services to tick off then I am certainly not the right escort for you. I am happy to answer any genuine queries, but if I feel you are after sexy chat I will terminate the conversation. Innocent questions are always welcomed, and encouraged. I like to make sure you are happy that I will be suited to you before we finalise a meeting.

When are you available?

Normally weekdays. Look on my availability for more information. 

If you want to book a different day (a day that is not showing as available), just be in touch and we may can arrange that, but I need at least 24 hours notice to make the necessary arrangements.

How much notice do you require?

At least two hours, but as much as possible is great as I like to take time making myself look nice for you. If you are booking for a date in advance I will require confirmation by 10am (at the absolute latest) on the day, which I will remind you off when we speak. For appointments that are due to commence before noon I request that reconfirmation is before 9am. Earlier is fine, after all I don't expect you to dash out of a meeting at work, so a 7am text is perfectly okay. Regrettably, failure to confirm by our agreed time will result in cancellation, and unless you have a brilliant excuse for consuming my time making arrangements then I won't be scheduling time aside for you in future. Of course if you are unable to make it and have shown common courtesy by letting me know then that will not affect us rearranging in future.

Where are you located?

I host Incalls at 4/5* upscale hotels in Central London - Westminster.

If you would like or prefer a particular hotel and location, please email me and I'll be happy to make necessary arrangements. The exact cost of the hotel will be provided at the time of booking.

Are there any particular type of gentlemen you refuse to see?

Impolite and unhygienic people. I do not discriminate on race, nationality or appearance, so as long as you are clean and polite I'm sure we'll get along fine. Whilst I am happy to meet those of whom English is not a first language I believe conversation is an important part of providing an enjoyable girlfriend experience, and communication is a necessity given the circumstances of our meeting in order for us to both be able to articulate our desires and boundaries.

Also, I do not wish to meet anyone from a culture or faith that views women as second class citizens. If any attitude akin to this is observed during an appointment our time will be terminated immediately.


Please do not have more than a drink or two before we meet. Also, I do not tolerate any form of substance abuse. If you are drunk or under the influence I will leave/ask you to leave, after having taken full compensation for my time. 

Our time has nearly come to an end and I'm having such fun I don't want to leave. Can I push my luck and insist/presume we can carry on longer?

Unfortunately not. You may ask to extend our time, and if possible then we can sort out the formalities. Mutual respect for each others time works both ways. I'd rather leave with a nice kiss goodbye than on a sour note. And no, it's not because I have a queue of clients outside waiting to be seen; it's usually because my part time job or because my parking is due to expire.

If you have any questions for me, take a look through these to see if it's been answered...

Can I request what you wear?

Absolutely. I have plenty of beautiful sets of underwear, as you can see in my gallery, so don't feel shy letting me know if you have a preferred set you'd like to see me in. I always dress smart and discreetly, but if you'd prefer me to dress more casually let me know when getting in touch. Please note for short notice appointments I may not always be able to fulfil requests.

Are your photos real?

Yes, all my photos are 100% genuine. I ensure my photos are kept up to date and are a true representation of me.

What information do you require for outcalls?

For hotels I will need to take the full name the room has been booked under, the hotel name and the room number. I will need to speak with you on your hotel room phone before I leave to meet you. I will only be able to see you at a 4 or 5 star Central London or airport hotel. I do not keep any personal details after the meeting, except in circumstances where you have turned out to be a dangerous client or a timewaster.

I think you're ignoring my calls and texts...?

Possibly. If you have called and it was clear you hadn't taken the time to read my website then yes I will ignore future calls. I clearly state on my homepage that the FAQ page must be read. If you decide this isn't important than I'd worry that in person you'd wish to flout simple requests too. My safety comes first. Unfortunately there are people out there with bad intentions towards escorts.

Do you accept gifts?

Of Course! It is always very kind, but never expected, although very gratefully received!

Can I have a drink (alcohol)?

You are more than welcome to bring some for your own consumption though, but please don't feel offended if I decline.

Can I take shower before/after the session?

Yes, please. Hygiene and health is very important for me and for my client. Toiletries and clean towels are available.

No extra charges for shower, but bear in mind the shower is included in your session time, as I have a schedule to follow and sometimes can't go over the time.

What type of a gentlemen do you enjoy spending time with?

Men aged 35 plus. I am very much attracted to mature kind gentlemen who are polite, and have good manners; of course I am the same.

I've never done this before and feeling terribly nervous...

If you've never done this before then why are you waiting?! Try before you die guys!!! Seriously though, I don't bite (unless you tip and ask very nicely).

I understand how daunting it can be to to take that first step. However, I take care of all my dates and I love being someone's fist.

As a naturally friendly and warm person, it won't be long before any nervous energy is converted into pure physical excitement.

I am really concerned about discretion...

As a successful professional with a close network of friends and family, I completely share your sentiments regarding the importance of discretion. Though I got no intention in exposing my double life.

I feel old.... I am old... Can I book a session with you?

Age and size are only numbers and means nothing to me.

I love older men. And I believe that there's no age to have fun and enjoy live with enthusiasm.

What is your real name? Where did you study? Where do you work?

Pushing boundaries trying to uncover more information about someone's private life in a context like this is uncomfortable and not help to building trust and facilitating the conversation. For similar reasons, I will never send photos nor will ever consent to being photographed or videoed  during our meeting.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if your question wasn’t included in the information provided.